A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a short tribute (cough, lame rip-off) of the freeware classic Icy Tower from 2001. Tower Jump 2 is nowhere as good as the game that inspired it. The gameplay is short and is best suited for a quick game measured in minutes to see it you can top your previous best score. There is a global leader board so you can check out the high scores and see how you compare. There's a Credits page in the game so you can see it for full details, but let's just say that eJay Hip Hop, Anime Studio and http://www.graffiticreator.net/ and http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/ are great resources. This is Tower Jump *2* because it is my second attempt of this game. This improved version is not totally random with the platform positioning which means it is always possible (but may be difficult) to make the jump from one platform to the next. (The first Tower Jump just put each new platform any which where, which was too unfair.) Enjoy!

To play, you must enter 3 letters for the initials of your name. This is needed for the High Score table. If your initials are already taken, any three letters will do.

Install instructions

Linux and Windows: Unzip and run the executable.

OS X: Open the DMG and click and drag the icon into Applications.

It should just work.


Tower-Jump-2-OSX.dmg 5 MB
Tower-Jump-2-WIN.zip 3 MB
Tower-Jump-2-Linux.zip 3 MB